Data Management

Simplify your research and enhance your publications with SYSTAT’s comprehensive suite of statistical functions and brilliant 2D and 3D charts and graphs.

Systat Software proudly introduces SYSTAT 13.2, the latest advancement in desktop statistical computing. Novice statistical users can use SYSTAT’s menu-driven interface to conduct simple analyses and produce beautiful 2D and 3D graphics for presentations or reports.

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Data Management

Mange your data effectively

  • Longer variable names and strings of up to 256 characters
  • Undo/Redo of data modifications
  • Import of numerous file formats like Microsoft Excel™, SAS®, SPSS®, Minitab, StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, BMDP™, Arc View®, S-Plus , dBASE®, ODBC, text file and more
  • Improved data editor with friendlier context menus
  • Variable editor to manage the variable properties in a better way
  • Simultaneous viewing of multiple data files with an option to set any one of them active for use in an analysis
  • Enhanced copy and paste functionality in the data editor
  • Selective printing of data
  • Data processing conditions like frequency etc are shown in the data editor which can be modified easily with mouse clicks
  • Variable statistics for a variable to give summary information about the variable
  • Extracting of selected cases or a subset of variables into a new file
  • Data files can be saved with value labels, variable labels and data processing conditions like frequency, weight and more
  • Recovery of unsaved data files on abnormal termination
  • Data trimming for a proportion of extreme values
  • Computation of new variables: arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, IF… THEN transformations, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, multivariate, character, date and time functions
  • Wichmann-Hill random number generator along with more powerful Mersenne-Twister
  • Matrix computations are completely menu-driven
  • Dialog boxes (e.g. Graph color combo; If-Then-Let Dialog Box) with multiple parameter entries ; entries can added or deleted by the user
  • Drag-n-drop, Right Click menu to ease the selection of variables in different dialog boxes
  • Display of range values of input fields at tool tips in all dialog boxes
  • Ranking and standardization of variables
  • Management of missing values
  • Labeling and ordering categories
  • Sorting or transposing of data; merger or appending of files
  • Creation of temporary data sets