Instrumentation Framework

Instrumentation Framework

Inpixon offers support for Real-time Scientific Data Graphing and Analysis through its new SigmaPlot Instrumentation Framework.

SigmaPlot developers have introduced an interface and add-on modules to support diversified instrumentation standards including VISA, NI DAQ mx, Labview VI, Direct drivers, etc.

The instrumentation framework supports all major communication protocols like GPIB, Ethernet, Serial, USB, PXI, PCI, VXI, etc.) through the VISA protocol which is an industry standard adopted by the majority of instrument manufacturers like National Instruments (NI), Texas Instrument (TI), Agilent and others.

With a SigmaPlot Instrumentation Framework, you can access data from any source directly into SigmaPlot through the available instrument interfaces.

Framework Overview


SigmaPlot is an industry leader in Scientific Graphing with over 300,000 users from research institutes, universities, commercial laboratories worldwide. The complete set of SigmaPlot features can now be applied in real time to data from instruments directly.

The advantage of SigmaPlot for your graphing needs include:

  • Most widely used graphing application to publish scientific research papers
  • Access data directly, reducing the data management stages
  • More than 100 scientific 2D and 3D technical graph types
  • Customize every detail of your charts and graphs
  • Publish your charts and graphs anywhere
  • Powerful Curve fitting that also supports simultaneous fitting of multiple functions to multiple data sets with possible shared parameters through Global Curve Fitting
  • Complete advisory statistics for Scientists and Engineers with over 50 statistical tests, which also has Enzyme Kinetics, Ligand Binding modules
  • Plot mathematical functions
  • Perform transforms using mathematical, statistics, curve fitting and probability built in functions
  • Fast Fourier Transform functions to remove noise from and smooth data using frequency-based filtering
  • Also have the flexibility to build user defined transforms
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Automate complex repetitive tasks with macro support


SigmaPlot Instrumentation interface and add-on modules include:

  • Interface for VISA (Virtual Instrumentation Software Architecture) based devices. This supports protocols like GPIB, Ethernet, Serial, USB, PXI, PCI, VXI, etc
  • Interface for DAQ MX to support all NI devices
  • Interface for direct data acquisition thru RS232, GPIB, etc
  • Labview Sigma VI can exchange data between Labview and SigmaPlot