Graphing Features

Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Scientists, Professional Researchers and Engineers

With an award-winning interface and intuitive wizard technology that guides users step-by-step through the graph creation and data analysis process, SigmaPlot provides the flexibility to create compelling graphs and statistical analysis you simply can’t achieve with basic spreadsheet software.

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Create Graphs Easily with SigmaPlot!

  • SigmaPlot’s Graph Style Gallery: Save any graph with all graph properties and add a bitmap image to the gallery to create complex graphs
  • Graph Toolbar: select toolbar icon of the graph type and style you want to create or to add additional curves to an existing graph
  • Graph Wizard: easy to use, step-by-step wizard for helping you select a graph type for your data
  • Default Graph Settings: set preferences for graph options to create favorite graphs quickly
  • Templates: create custom graph page templates and store them for easy accessibility and future use
  • “Intersections” are now supported for area fills
  • Improved Graph Wizard: retains your last settings, click ‘Finish Early’ and Gallery Graphs are all listed

2D Graphs

  • Area Plots – 4 Types
  • Scatter – 14 types
  • Line – 4 types
  • Scatter and Line – 10 types
  • Step – 8 types
  • Vertical Bar – 2 types
  • Horizontal Bar – 2 types
  • Vertical, Grouped Bar – 2 types
  • Horizontal, Grouped Bar – 2 types
  • Vertical, Stacked Bar
  • Horizontal, Stacked Bar
  • Box – 2 types
  • Kernel Density
  • Polar – 3 types
  • Contour, line and filled – 2 types
  • Histograms – 6 types
  • Ternary – 3 types Time-Series
  • Bubble
  • Pie
  • Control Charts
  • Needle
  • High-low-close, Range, Quartile
  • Quadrant
  • Population
  • Forest Plot – 2 types
  • Radar – 5 types
  • Vector Plot
  • Dot Density

3D Graphs

  • Multiple, intersecting plots with hidden line removal, smooth or discrete shading, transparent or opaque fills and light source shading
  • 3D rotation
  • Perspective preview
  • Scatter
  • Bar
  • 3D line – trajectory
  • Mesh
  • Contour
  • Waterfall

Technical Axes

  • Linear
  • Log10
  • Natural log
  • Probit
  • Logit
  • Probability
  • Reverse
  • Ternary percentage
  • Ternary unary
  • Polar
  • Category (text data automatically binned into groups)
  • Time and date
  • Weibull
  • Reciprocal
  • User-defined custom axis to create Extreme Value, Hingle, Bit Error Rate and many others

Axis Features

  • Control of display, thickness, color, range and axis breaks
  • Offset axes
  • Automatic titles
  • Multiple axes: Add Axis Wizard for creating multiple axes easily
  • Ticks: customize major & minor intervals, in & out orientation, top & bottom location, length, thickness, color and tick mark selection from column to create custom axes
  • Labels: customize prefix, suffix, numeric, and time & date
  • Axis breaks: customize symbol, thickness, color, length, gap width and post break interval

Error bars

  • Mean, Median, First and Last values for symbols
  • Standard deviation, Standard error
  • 10th, 25th, 75th and 90th Percentiles
  • Min and Max
  • 95% or 99% confidence
  • Calculate error bars from replicate values across rows
  • User-defined upper and lower error bar values
  • One way, two way and asymmetric error bars
  • Percentile method: choose between nearest integer (graphical) or value dependent (numerical) algorithms

Grids, Fills and Symbols

  • Control of color, line type, thickness and display of major & minor grids in X, Y& Z direction
  • Control of pattern and edge color, pattern style, pattern density and edge thickness


  • Over 80 symbol types
  • 30 new symbol types that include half-filled and BMW styles
  • Edit font when using text as symbol
  • Access new symbols directly from graph properties dialog, toolbar, legend page and the symbol dialog box
  • More line types such as dash and gap patterns
  • More fill patterns for bar charts and area plots

Reference Lines

  • Control mean, standard deviation, standard error, userdefined constants, 95% and 99% confidence intervals
  • Up to 5 horizontal or vertical lines
  • Control of color, line type and thickness Drop lines
  • Display in any or all X, Y and Z directions

Function Plotter

  • Plot 2D and 3D functions
  • Over 100 2D and 3D built-in, graphically-illustrated equations
  • User-defined parameters; scale and range
  • Customize the SigmaPlot library of functions or create your own
  • Plot functions on new or existing graphs
  • Plot multiple different parameter values simultaneously
  • Select line properties for each function
  • Equation Solver: solve equations or functions containing a single independent variable and any number of parameters

Graphs Created Through Transforms

  • Gaussian cumulative distribution
  • Area – shading under and between curves
  • Z plane design
  • Vector
  • Kaplan-Meier survival
  • Frequency
  • Complex Control charts
  • User-defined axes

Multiline Text Editor

  • Control font, size, style, color, Greek, multiple levels of superscript & subscript, 360 degree rotation, left, right & center justification and line spacing


  • Automatic or manually created
  • Legends for regressions, confidence and prediction intervals
  • Turn on and off lines and symbols
  • Place line and symbol before or after text
  • Reverse legend item order
  • Move legend items in list
  • Direct labeling – place legend items next to plots

Export Graphs Options

  • Export an individual graph, a group of graphs and objects or an entire page
  • Different levels of resolution and color depths: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, WMF, BMP
  • True color EPS vector and CMYK EPS export
  • Compressed CMYK TIFF
  • Vector formats: PDF, SVG, SWF
  • Publication Help: guides user through the complexities selecting the correct DPI, image size, file export format

Publish as Web Page

  • Export graphs as high-resolution Web objects
  • WebViewer: free browser plug-in to view data used create graph or print, pan and zoom in on graph without losing resolution
  • The WebViewer supports IE 4.01 or higher. A screen resolution JPEG file is automatically displayed for browser applications and operating systems