Awards & reviews

Systat Software are globally recognized, reviewed and accoladed regularly. Here are some of the awards and reviews

SigmaPlot wins Scientific Computing’s 2008 Readers Choice Award in the “Graphics” and “Statistical Analysis” Categories.Please visit for more information.
“……brings considerably extended analytical reach within the same interface as the illustrative and presentation functions” — Scientific Computing World, June 2008  Read the complete review.

SigmaPlot wins Scientific Computing’s 2007 Readers Choice Award in the “Graphics” Category

SigmaStat and SigmaPlot are now bundled for the analysis and graphic presentation of research data. While the two components of the bundle may be used as single packages or together, they expressively complement each others’ work. SigmaStat contains frequently used statistical procedures, including survival analysis, in an easy-to-use package. SigmaPlot concentrates on a broad range of technical functions and edit options to create publication quality graphs.”– Top 5 Products by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation, 2004.